Monday, September 25, 2017

Knives of the Avenger

Knives of the Avenger is a 1966 Italian sword and sandal film about Vikings. It was directed by Mario Bava, who was brought in to save it and who re-wrote and finished it in less than a week. It stars one of my favorites, Cameron Mitchell.

DVD Talk has a mixed review but says, "Knives of the Avenger is a sword 'n smorgasbord action film, filmed largely outdoors. It stresses performances while telling a straight genre story, and shows a sensitivity to characters" and "what surprises about Knives of the Avenger is the simple effectiveness of the intimate scenes". TCM has an overview.


  1. Not sure I can wrap my head around this one, but I applaud you for liking it. Thanks for the review at least.

    1. I remember sword and sandal films being on tv a lot when I was young, but I never saw this one.