Thursday, September 07, 2017

Minnesota Clay

Minnesota Clay is a 1964 spaghetti western directed by Sergio Corbucci and starring Cameron Mitchell. Mitchell was a prolific actor and is a long-time favorite. You can watch it online at here.

Fistful of Pasta says, "It's beautifully shot, hiding the film's reduced budget very well, and Mitchell adds a distinctive melancholic touch to his character of the aging gunslinger-with-a-past." says, "Cameron Mitchell as Clay lends the film a certain gravitas and weight where it desperately needs it and turns in a good piece of acting; if he had had a better screenplay to work from, Clay might have become one of the more famous characters in the world of the Spaghetti Western."


  1. Somehow I've never gotten into spaghetti westerns. Not sure why. I may watch this one which might help me understand my reluctance to appreciate them. Thanks for the link and review.

    1. I started with the classics and worked my way out from there. I wouldn't recommend this one if you don't like spaghetti westerns to begin with ;)

    2. I love spaghetti westerns too and this such a great film/movie 😁. Happy Sunday! J 😊

    3. Yes, I've loved spaghetti westerns for a long time. I'm just now noticing Cameron Mitchell in them, for some reason lol