Tuesday, March 31, 2020



by Richard Diebenkorn, who died on March 30, 1993, at 70 years of age due to complications from emphysema. That's my drink reference for the T Stands for Tuesday blogger gathering.

Spring has come to Memphis. I cut back all the wild coleus I had let stand through the winter so the birds could use them for the seeds and for perching. I pulled out the dead leaves so the black-eyed susans, bee balm, and wild sunflower could get the warming sun. It's been rainier than usual, but we've had a couple of days of sunshine with a high reaching up even into the 80s F one day.

On the patio I have native honeysuckle:

and pink dogwood:

The dogwood is in a pot:

Last week on my way to the grocery store I got photos of the tulips planted at the corner outside the Dixon Gallery and Gardens:

and the cherry trees on the road that leads to the Memphis Botanic Gardens:

Both gardens are closed now.


  1. ...if and when the world gets back to normal I should head down to the Dixon!

  2. The painting is beautiful. So is spring, great to see the photos. Happy T Day, Valerie

  3. A cup of tea and a walk around your garden. Just beautiful. Happy T Day

  4. You live in a very pretty place. Honeysuckle is one of my favourite plants. My neighbour's honeysuckle grows I've the fence and trails down in my garden, which I love.

  5. A beautiful painting of sups for T Day, I love the colours and definition of the brush marks 😁. So glad that spring is here and the flowers on your patio look beautiful! So nice to see the tulips and pink blossoms too - happy spring! Wishing you a Happy T Day, stay safe and well! Hugs, Jo x

  6. Hi I loved seeing all of your spring blooms-I have a native honeysuckle at the woods house-I don't know if it is too big now to dig up and bring here to the lake. I do want to get to the woods house soon to dig up herbs, Larry's grandpa's shallots he brought back from Russia, and maybe a few of the daffodils which were my grandmas. I spent the last two mornings outside burning tons of leaves in the fire pit. lots of song birds singing and the big male eagle was up high singing too.
    Happy T wishes Kathy

  7. Beautiful art today dear. His art reminds me of early Picasso or Matisse. This was lovely.

    I always love it when you share patio updates. You have some beautiful shots from that area, as well as the two museums that are closed. Those cherry blossoms are beautiful, as is the row of trees lining the walk along the edge of the museum.

    Thanks for sharing this art by a new to me artist and your photos showing what spring is like in Memphis.

  8. I am excited your little private patch of nature is greening up. And those cherry blossoms are so pretty. I don't know if the nice weather makes it harder or easier with this virus. Well as long as you are staying safe. And hope it was a happy T day too. Hugs-Erika

  9. Gosh, it is really spring your way! Looks wonderful. We have a ways to go yet, but I have patience. ;)

  10. Oh what lovely spring photos - I cannot wait for the blossoms to begin - I think a few weeks yet but oh the anticipation is building. I like the colour of your dogwood in a pot.

  11. I was actually just wondering where you were, because I was late to the Tea Party, and I didn't recall seeing your link at Elizabeth's. So I came to find your post, to make sure you were doing okay. It is sad that all of these places are closed. I know they have to do it, to try to slow the spread of covid-19, but with Spring starting to bloom, it's unfortunate timing. (But then again, no time is a good time for this thing!)

    Your pink dogwood tree looks lovely. I love the smell of honeysuckle flowers.

    Happy belated T-Day.

  12. P.S. - You forgot to put your link over at Elizabeth's (I just checked, and saw it still isn't there).

    1. T Day just completely got away from me. The post was pre-scheduled, but by the time I got around to doing blogging Tuesday was over. Thanks for checking on me :)

      It's a shame they closed, but I honestly think they did it because too many people came. People are still congregating in the city parks. It's hard to stay home when the weather's so pretty, but I'm doing it. Memphis is setting up a new hospital area and calling medical professionals out of retirement just to handle what they expect to be a rush on resources.

  13. I love your painting. I'm so glad spring has come to your world. Even though we've been without snow for a long while, it is still cool enough that only a few crocus have bloomed. Hopefully we'll see some flowers and flowering trees soon! Stay well.