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Religulous is a 2008 documentary with Bill Maher.

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The scriptures are not teaching science. It's very hard for me to accept, not just a literal interpretation of scripture but a fundamentalist approach to religious belief. It's kind of a plague. It presents itself as science, and it's not. (astronomer/priest)

The irony of religion is that, because of its power to divert man to destructive courses, the world actually could come to an end.
The plain fact is, religion must die for mankind to live. The hour is getting very late to be able to indulge in having key decisions made by religious people, by irrationalists,

That last quote is from Bill Maher and is part of a mini-sermon well worth listening to even if you don't watch the rest of the movie. It's about the last 10 minutes of the film.

The New York Times describes it as "a sometimes funny, sometimes cheap attack on organized religion." Variety calls it "brilliant" and "incendiary". Roger Ebert has a review, giving it 3 1/2 stars. The Guardian opens with this: "Shooting fish in a barrel is the order of the day in comedian Bill Maher's faintly tiresome attack on religion". Christianity Today points out that
it's not the hardest thing in the world to make a religion look silly when you only focus on the kitschiest, most grimace-inducing practitioners of it.
Slant Magazine compares it to Ben Stein's Expelled, saying
to both films' detriment, they employ a similar, debilitating brand of smug disingenuousness, feigning interest in discussion while arrogantly and speciously preaching in the very same manner that their subjects are ridiculed for.
Rotten Tomatoes links to many reviews.

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