Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bubba Ho-Tep

In honor of Elvis Presley on the anniversary of the date of his supposed death, we watched Bubba Ho-Tep, a 2002 Elvis movie starring Bruce Campbell as Elvis and Ossie Davis as President ("They dyed me this color") Kennedy. This is my 3rd time to see it, the 2nd time for The Husband and maiden voyages for The Daughter and The Younger Son.


Moria gives it 4 stars. 1000 Misspent Hours calls it "the best mummy movie I’ve seen in years, probably the best to hit the screen since 1959." Variety calls Bruce Campbell's performance "inspired". Rolling Stone says it's "absurdly clever". The New York Times starts off, "I'm not sure you could do much better in terms of high concept than the premise for the action-comedy ''Bubba Ho-Tep.''" Roger Ebert begins,
Elvis and JFK did not die, and today they're roommates in an East Texas nursing home whose residents are being killed by an ancient Egyptian Soul Sucker named Bubba Ho-Tep. I want to get that on the table right at the get-go, so I can deal with the delightful wackiness of this movie, which is endearing and vulgar in about the right proportion.

BBC says,
Cult horror classics don't come more instantaneous than Bubba Ho-Tep, a fiendishly funny comedy horror, in which an ageing Elvis Presley battles an Egyptian mummy with a little help from former President John F Kennedy.

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