Wednesday, August 12, 2009

King Creole

The Younger Son and The Daughter had never seen an Elvis movie before. I felt like I had somehow failed as a Memphis native, so when I saw that King Creole was one of the movies being shown as part of the Elvis Film Fest, I bought tickets and took them yesterday. I think they were surprised by how good it was. The first time I saw this film it was on television. This was my third time to see it and my first time to see it in a theater.

King Creole is a 1958 Elvis movie directed by Michael Curtiz. It also stars Carolyn Jones, Walter Matthau and Vic Morrow.


Variety praises Elvis' acting. The New York Times also praises Elvis, saying,
In Paramount's surprisingly colorful and lively "King Creole," most of it outright drama, he does a good, convincing walk-through as a downtrodden New Orleans youth who tangles with some gangsters (along with that blasted guitar). It's a sturdy, picturesque job

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