Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Island of Terror

Island of Terror is a 1966 horror film starring Peter Cushing, Edward Judd, Eddie Byrne, Sam Kydd and Niall MacGinnis.

You can watch it online at this link. Here's a trailer:

StompTokyo begins its look at this movie by saying,
You have to respect - well, perhaps not respect, but certainly admire - a movie like Island of Terror, that takes pains to set up a Simple Movie Fact in its opening minutes; that point being: these people are screwed.
1000 Misspent Hours describes the foreshadowing at the beginning of the film:
You see what I mean about the filmmakers using audience expectations to their advantage here, right? Here we are less than five minutes into the movie, and already we can see exactly how fucked these people are, and we have a pretty good idea why, too. And moments later, when we learn that Philips is rushing ahead on some super-advanced cancer-related research without checking with his colleagues in Rome, New York, and Tokyo, our suspicions only deepen. Then, when Philips’s experiment is interrupted by the main title display and the sound of breaking glass, we know without even needing to be shown that something has gone disastrously wrong.
Moria doesn't like it.

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