Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Privatize the Roads! It's the American Way!

This (from a Tennessee Democratic Party blogger) is exactly the argument I've been making as I fume and fuss over this issue around here:
One thing we do have is equal access to the basics of life in a civilized nation- roads, schools, electricity, water. Both my Mercedes-driving neighbor and my Honda-driving self (as well as people lower on the income scale than me who can afford no better than a 5-year old used Buick) have the protection of the fire and police departments, and are equally defended by our military. Since health care addresses these same basics of a civilized existence, the question we need to be asking is not whether we should have a plan that covers everyone, but why health care was ever lumped into the same category as all the other extras (bigger houses, nicer furniture, fancier cars and televisions) in the first place.

I also loved the Joe Scarborough interview with my new hero Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NYC), in which Weiner, arguing for a single payer plan, asks what we need insurance companies for while poor Joe is left speechless. part 1:

part 2:

Their director [of Medicare] makes 150,000 dollars. The director of my insurance company makes 4 million dollars. Why does that make any sense? It's indefensible...
I ask again: What value are insurance companies bringing to this transaction?

This is a good representation of the argument from

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