Friday, April 24, 2015

Memphis Botanic Garden Azaleas

The azaleas aren't yet at their height, but they looked good to me when I saw them at the Memphis Botanic Garden a couple of days ago.

There are white azaleas flanking the entrance to the Japanese Garden:

There are azaleas throughout the entire garden.

This sculpture is Artifact, a 1989 bronze located in the sculpture garden. The artist is Carroll Todd:

I also saw a bottle tree, close to the butterfly garden:

The day I was there the weather was cloudy and breezy and about 70F. A beautiful afternoon and perfect for time outside.


  1. Stunning! That bottle tree is very cool.

    1. I used to see these only very rarely, and then never in the city. They've gotten a lot more common. I've no idea why, but I think there are cool, too.

  2. Beautiful garden. I haven't visited the SF Japanese Garden in ages. I think i'll put it on my Must Do list.


    1. I love all kinds of public gardens. Treasures! :)