Monday, November 28, 2022

The White Buffalo

The White Buffalo is a 1977 fantasy Western film starring Charles Bronson (as Wild Bill Hickok), Kim Novak, Jack Warden, Slim Pickens, Clint Walker, Stuart Whitman, John Carradine, and Will Sampson. That cast alone is worth watching the film for, or so I would've thought before watching the film. I realize every actor has a low point in their career, but it's astounding that so many known actors had their low point in the same film. The dialog is mind-numbing. I watched it on Tubi. It can also be seen on the Roku channel. It does have fans, though, and you may well be one. You can give it a try via YouTube:


  1. I think this was on TV and I tried to watch it because of the actors and knowing white buffalos are sacred creatures...but I failed to get very far so never saw the entire movie. I'll pass on a second try--LOL! ;)

  2. Good actors can't always save a bad movie. Looks like a lot of bad weather heading your way, stay safe.

    1. Ya gotta wonder what happened... So much acting power, and yet...

      It's hard to tell about what we'll get weather-wise. I was shocked this morning to hear that schools are closing early because of the predictions. I'm hoping we don't get power outages.

  3. ...a white buffalo would be a sight to see.

  4. I don't think so! Good warning!