Sunday, August 28, 2016

28 Art House Science Fiction Films

Blastr has a list of 28 art house sci-fi films that will make you smarter and cooler. Who can turn down a chance to be smarter and cooler?

The films:
Altered States
Beyond the Black Rainbow
Brazil (I've seen 2 versions of this film: here and here)
The City of Lost Children
A Clockwork Orange
Cloud Atlas
Code 46
Dante 01
Donnie Darko
The Handmaid's Tale (but I've read the book)
It's All About Love
La Jetee
Liquid Sky
The Man Who Fell to Earth
Naked Lunch
New Rose Hotel
Primer (2004)
A Scanner Darkly
Solaris (1972)
Solaris (2002)
Tetsuo, the Iron Man
Upstream Color
World on a Wire
I've seen the ones in bold print. There are some priceless gems among them. Stalker, for example, deserves to be so much better known. I'll be looking for the others on this list. I have Clockwork Orange and Naked Lunch on my to-be-watched shelf already.


  1. It's confirmed. I'm neither smart or cool. I've seen none of the films on the list. Like you, I did read The Handmaiden's Tale though.

    1. But this is just one way to be smarter and cooler. I'm valuing many other ways ;) I do want to see some more on this list, though.

  2. I've seen several of these and some I would never bother with (I checked a couple and they were rated one star--LOL!) Cloud Atlas was fascinating to me because of the actors playing multiple parts in multiple time periods. Odd as can be! Kind of hauntingly hung with me. I had to watch it twice to catch all the roles (looked them up on imbd to see which actors played which characters). Was interesting to me how some characters progressed or regressed over lifetimes and some didn't seem to change or learn anything--exactly how I would imagine reincarnation to be--LOL!

    1. I read the book Cloud Atlas and found the concept annoying. I decided to skip the movie. I probably won't watch Handmaid's Tale either, but because I really enjoyed the book and don't feel the need to see a film based on it. I'm inconsistent, aren't I! lol