Monday, August 22, 2016

Yoga for Osteoporosis, part 1

Please be careful out there. These are just videos I've found useful personally. 
I have no expertise in anything and can't specifically recommend them to anybody else. 
My doctor said yoga would be fine for me, even with my back issues,
and I try to move slowly and carefully
and know which activities of all kinds I should avoid. 
Again, know your body, know your limitations, and be careful. 
That said, I love yoga!

There's a growing view that yoga can help build bone density. I'm focusing my yoga practice on those poses said to aid this goal. There are numerous websites that name and illustrate the recommended poses, including Huffington Post; Yoga Journal here, here, and here; Life Hacker;;;; and others. There are a number of poses often included in yoga that should not be done if you have bone density issues, and I'm careful to avoid those.

I've found some routines that I like better than others, and I'd like to share those. I prefer video presentations. Some presenters appeal to me more than others. I rotate among them for variety. Here's one that includes 12 different poses:

And yet another showing the 12 poses:

Here's a 1-hour class with Melissa West, who has a discussion of the benefits and demonstration of suggested poses:

Here's a different Melissa West video:

I'll make a 2nd post with other videos I use in my rotation, and I'll have a 3rd post that has videos of individual poses.


  1. It sounds like something I should be working on, but unfortunately, I can't support myself on my hands because they don't bend that way. I appreciate that you shared these, though. If only my hands, wrists, and arms would lie flat like that!

    1. All of the yoga poses can be adapted to a hands-free practice. You're by no means alone in your limitation, and I've seen these yoga poses adapted for a seated practice or a supported practice that doesn't put weight on the hands.

  2. I briefly looked through the links. I need to do yoga for bone health. I have the mat, I have the time. I am afraid I start and then stop. I just can't seem to get into a routine that I stick to. My neurologist suggest I find a class in Tai Chi or a group to join. Haven't done that either. Oops! I do go for a walk daily though (as you know).

    1. Tai Chi is wonderful! With yoga, though, I can do it myself at home. I need a class for the Tai Chi.

  3. I'd need chair and standing for short periods of time yoga. Very gentle/senior yoga as my shoulders, neck, elbows (recently), back, hips, knees, and ankles (and now even the base of my right thumb) have arthritis. I've got it all over, lower spine is slowly crumbling, and am bone on bone in my jaw, even. Can't put weight on my hands. A real mess of a yoga challenge--LOL! But I have never checked to see about chair yoga. Maybe I'll have to search youtube. :)

    1. Chair yoga is actually a thing. Some of the videos I've seen have 3 different people, one doing the standard pose, one adapting it standing or on the floor, and one adapted for chair. I have to do adaptations, too, and don't do any spinal flexion. You might find just the thing on youtube. I've found so _much_ there :)