Sunday, November 29, 2009


Primer is a 2004 science fiction film about time travel. Shane Carruth is director, producer, writer, star...

GoogleVideo has it online:

Moria gives it 4 stars and says, "It’s a highly intelligent and strikingly original sf film." The New York Times says, "Having seen it twice from start to finish and gone back over the videotape in search of clues to its meaning, I wouldn't say that it entirely makes sense." BBC calls it "One of the most wilfully obscure sci-fi movies ever made". Variety says, "Repeat viewings might reveal more insight into the narrative, though how many viewers will feel so compelled is questionable" Roger Ebert says.
"Primer" is a film for nerds, geeks, brainiacs, Academic Decathlon winners, programmers, philosophers and the kinds of people who have made it this far into the review. It will surely be hated by those who "go to the movies to be entertained," and embraced and debated by others...

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