Saturday, February 13, 2021


Tesseract is a science fiction novel by Joseph Addison, another one of the books a friend gave me when her husband died last year. She knew we shared a love of science fiction in common. Information on this book and its author is hard to come by, as this was his only novel. It's cheaply available through Amazon if you'd like to try it out.

from the back of the book:

Tyson's Folly, Manhattan's newest building, was a windowless cube, an impenetrable fortress dwarfed by the taller structures of midtown. Even preoccupied by thr frightening news of escalating world tensions, people took the time to speculate about the purpose behind Tyson's Folly. But wealthy recluse Jonathan Tyson wasn't talking.

Until Mark Johnson, a young executive in Tyson's financial empire, was summoned to Tyson's Folly, the first outsider ever to glimpse the interior.

Deep inside the bizarre fortress, Mark learned of his new -and unusual promotion and the impossible assignment he was expected to carry out. Somehow he had to bring peace to one planet, and discord to another, to save two civilizations from destruction. His journey would span time and space and future and light-years of space. But he had Time itself on his side...


  1. ..."OCCUPATION: WORLD SAVER," a good occupation to have.

  2. There were Tesseracts in a Wrinkle In Time. I'm not up on math enough to know if the ones described in the children's book are really what they are, but interesting there's a book with that name. Was it any good?

    1. Yes, I wasn't expecting much, since it was his only novel and was pleasantly surprised.

  3. This looks like a good read. Nice to receive books as gifts.

  4. This does sound like an interesting read

  5. This sounds good, thanks! Valerie