Sunday, May 10, 2020

Blood Moon (2014)

Blood Moon is a 2014 low-budget western horror film in the werewolf/skin-walker/shape-shifter sub-genre. This is delightful. You can tell they took the story seriously and made an effort to put heart into it. I'd watch this one again.

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With a delightful cast, brilliant cinematography, some shocking moments of true violence, and sets and locations that belie the film’s relatively small budget, Blood Moon is truly a great film. It lives up to the promise of its premise, and doesn’t cheat with digital monster effects. Considering the number of horrible “found footage” films made with twice the budget, this movie is a victory for traditional filmmaking and shows what can be done a director truly cares about the story he is telling. This is a movie that fans of the weird west must certainly not miss.


  1. ...until recently, I didn't realize that there were so many moons!

  2. That looks pretty exciting!

  3. I think the weird West is an improvement on the wild one....Valerie

  4. I'm not into horror (depending on your definition), but this one sounds good and worth and watch. I am going out walking but later today if I get a chance I am going to watch this one. happy Mother's Day.

    1. Yes, horror covers so much, but this one is a _western_, too lol I hope you like it. Happy Mother's Day!