Monday, June 26, 2017

Lower Body Exercises, part 1

This especially focuses on leg strengthening, but includes the broader lower body when I see videos that cover that. There are 2 more posts on this subject (part 2, part 3). has a series of 12 leg exercises they recommend.

Yoga for Healthy Aging has a sequence of yoga poses for lower body strengthening.

Michelle Kenway offers leg-strengthening exercises particularly intended for women with pelvic floor issues, but I find them helpful and easy:

Ekhart Yoga has a playlist of yoga videos targeting leg strength:

Five Parks Yoga has videos designed to work your legs:

from Yoga Upload:

The following 2 videos are from one of my favorite channels Fitness Blender.

10 minutes:

10 minutes:


  1. These all look interesting, except the butt and thigh exercise with the dog. My wrists don't go flat, so I could never accomplish that pose. I may have to try some of these. Thanks for finding them and calling them to my attention.

    1. I do most of my lower body and leg exercises either standing or down flat on the floor. I hope some of these work for you. I'm working on strengthening my legs and hips in an effort to help prevent falls.