Tuesday, February 17, 2015


The Daughter and I headed over one day to try out Porcellino's, a new coffee shop. There were tables and counter seating. We sat on comfortable stools at a counter at a window. They were offering Nitro Coffee, which is reportedly the latest thing in coffee brewing.

I didn't care for it. It's a cold brew infused with liquid nitrogen, but it also tasted of some kind of spice. I didn't care for the flavoring, and I guess I just prefer my coffee hot. The next time I go I'll try their espresso.

They have a limited food menu that looks very tasty, and I'll eat something next time. I will definitely go back. I want to go back when it's warm and I can sit out on their patio. At the other end of the cafe there's a craft butcher, but I buy cheaper meat. It looked very tempting, though....

The Memphis Business Journal has an article. The Memphis Daily News reports co-owner Michael Hudman saying that he would "envision someone like Tony Soprano enjoying a cup of coffee or an espresso" in this new place. Choose 901 has photos.

This outing was a couple of weeks ago. Right now we have sleet on the ground and highs in the 20sF. The low tomorrow night is predicted at 2F. Yes, that's a 2! This is what my patio looked like early yesterday morning:

All the schools and many of the businesses were closed yesterday and are closed again today. It may not seem like much to y'all, but here in Memphis if frozen precipitation is predicted everybody panics and nobody knows how to drive. It's a mess on the roads, and I'll be staying inside with my coffee. Brrrr!

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Wednesday update:

We had a bit of snow overnight, so now there's a solid sheet of ice overlaid by a pretty half-inch or so of pretty snow. Schools and universities are closed again today:


  1. This is like MY weather at the moment.Your patio looks much prettier than mine, but I've got the same conditions as you. Highs in the 20s F, snow, and this is supposed to last through the weekend.

    Looks like another great place to visit. You find SO many wonderful places to share with us. I love that you take us with you for the event. Thanks for this fun outing for T this Tuesday. And be sure to stay warm, too, please.

  2. The nitro coffee sounds a bit weird - glad you were brave enough to try it for us though. I can't believe the temps you and some of the Eastern coast are experiencing. We, meanwhile languish in the warm (DRY) 70's. People were out in shorts and sun hats yesterday.


  3. You have a chiminea!! We love ours! IT's really cold here as well. I'm off to get all my errands run because the next 2 days the forecast says even colder!!

  4. Not sure I'd like that coffee either but it can be fun trying out something so new and different. Sick of the snow, cold and ice here too! We got another few inches last night, and yet again schools are either closed or opening late. Stay warm and happy T day!

  5. OK, I am jealous... you have one of those chimineas that I would love to have in my garden... though you can keep the snow and the cold! LOL Your nitro coffee sounds a little weird to me... think I would stick to a latte!! Happy T Tuesday to you, Annette

  6. When I have coffee out I always get half caff cappuccino and I like it nice and hot.
    Sleet does not sound like fun...but your lovely patio still looks very inviting.

  7. I like my coffee hot too, but I would enjoy sitting at the window and looking out.

    We are like Memphis, if it snows EVERYTHING shuts down......................yes we do get snow in CA valleys about once in every 15-20 years....LOL The last time we woke up to over 6" and it lasted 3 days. With the drought conditions continuing I don't think there is any chance of it for a long time. Temperature wise.........................it will be in the high 70's...............already breaking out the flip flops and shorts (sorry....not bragging)....but you can come and visit anytime!!

    Happy T-Day enjoy your coffee in-doors where it is safe and warm.

  8. The nearest I'll get to Memphis is when I go to the theatre in London next month to see the show. Hope it's a bit warmer too
    Lynn :)

  9. Don't know if I would like this coffee...lol
    your patio looks beautiful!
    Happy T-Day

  10. I am so grateful our temperatures don't go that low here in NE Scotland, brrr. Please do stay home and warm.
    I would not like cold coffee. Coffee is supposed to be hot, lol. Happy T Day :o))

  11. 20 degrees is sure cold for Memphis! Want to come north and try out some single digit weather? On the rare occasion when I do drink coffee, I like it nice and hot, but you were brave to try something new.

  12. The only time I like cold coffee is when it's very hot out. Which isn't going to happen here anytime soon. We are getting the dame deep freeze as you tonight but colder. Burrr..... It's stay at home weather .

  13. Wow...the ice storm in Tennessee sounds pretty intense. I heard y'all had a state of emergency. (My DIL & son live there) so good luck and be careful if you have to go out. The nitro coffee sounds interesting...what will they think of next? enjoyed your post...happy T day!

  14. That coffee sounds weird to me. I'd pass. And I am a coffee lover. LOL!
    That looks awful cold for your neck of the woods. I can see why people would want to stay off the roads if they don't know how to drive on ice. People up here get overconfident and end up in ditches--LOL! Happy T-Day! :)

  15. Nitrogen? Sounds odd, but I´d probably try it once.

    Even if that doesn´t look like a lot of snow, if drivers are not prepared, with studded car tyres and skidpan practice (compulsary to get a licence here, don´t know about other places), it´s just as well people stay home and take it easy. Here, people are so used to everything working normally always, they don´t always respect really foul weather. Or other natural phenomena. I remember the whining when that volcano erupted on Iceland and the flights were all grounded. Keep safe, I say!

    1. Snow would've been ok, but this was ice. There was a solid sheet of ice. Now that we've had a bit of snow overnight, it's prettier, but that ice is still lurking underneath. High today is predicted to be no higher than 30, but the sun is out so there might be enough melting to clear side roads by tomorrow. We so rarely get ice there'd be no way to require practicing on it. None of us know what we're doing lol

  16. I don1t think I'd like your coffee. Here in Brazil is so different.Here is so hot. Your snow looks wonderful for me.

  17. I'd be staying home too i think. Haven't driven in snow for a very long time..... Happy Belated Tday my friend. Stay warm Hugs! deb

  18. Hello and Happy T Day late! Sorry your coffee wasn't to your liking, hope the next visit will be better. Sorry to hear the cold weather got to you down south. I would stay inside too, much safer and warmer. We are having our coldest temps ever too, in Ohio. This morning we are at -26 degrees. YIKES! We never get this cold and only a little fresh snow again came yesterday. Hope warmer weather comes soon for us both.
    p.s. we are on our second day of no school.