Thursday, December 06, 2012

Saint Nicholas

When The Kids were little we wanted to spread the joy throughout the season instead of packing it all into a Christmas Day frenzy. One of the things we did was celebrate the feast day of St. Nicholas. We hung our stockings on the night of December 5th and woke up on the 6th to treats and special breakfast. Others do this, too, although I don't personally know anybody who does. People thought we were strange when they found out and told us we would confuse The Kids. The Kids never seemed the slightest bit confused.

As The Kids have moved out, we've offered them the choice of taking their stockings with them or leaving them here and coming over here for goodies on that day. The Elder Son took his with him to use as a decoration in his apartment. The Daughter has chosen to leave hers here and will come the night of the 6th. We'll wait til she gets here to take the stockings down from where they hang on the stair rail.

The statue pictured at the top of the post is St. Nicholas Bishop of Myra, one of a series from Duncan Royale. We bought it at a little gift shop at Chickasaw Oaks Village long years ago. That shop is no longer there, but most of the shops that used to be there no longer are. Other shops move in to take the space.

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