Sunday, December 09, 2012

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story (1983) is the story of a childhood Christmas remembered and dramatically narrated by the adult Ralphie, who wanted that Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas when he was 9 years old more than anything in the world. The film is filled with subplots involving Ralphie's family and friends. Although The Husband and I like this movie The Younger Son does not care for it and wonders why we think it's funny. The Husband laughs out loud at this movie and enjoys it every year.


DVD Talk says it "has climbed the film-appreciation ladder to become one of the preeminent Yuletide features, a credit it wholeheartedly deserves. It's a delightful movie". It's on Roger Ebert's list of great movies, and he describes it as "pitch-perfect". Rotten Tomatoes gives it 89%.


  1. Anonymous6:02 AM

    It deserves a MAJOR award!
    -- A Pal

  2. If you keep watching this one every year your son will wake up one of these days wondering why it just doesn't seem like Christmas without it. I love this movie, even blogged about it myself (after seeing an ad for a replica of the infamous leg-lamp, how cool is that?). My blog post is here, if you want to check it out: Christmas Story

    1. i think we waited too late for that. he's college-aged now and just rolls his eyes and laughs at us, but that provides its own fond memories. our older son gave my husband a night light shaped like the lamp, and that gets lots of laughs when we get it out at christmas time. that movie has given us some fun times since we discovered it, even tho we were late to the party.

      i checked out your post and will leave a comment there. thx for the link