Saturday, December 29, 2012

Die Hard

Die Hard counts as a Christmas movie, since it takes place over the course of Christmas Eve. It's a 1988 film starring Bruce Willis (good guy) and Alan Rickman (bad guy). Alexander Godunov is also on the bad guy side.

I've seen this several times, but The Husband had never seen it before. He objects to the violence. He also objects to considering it a Christmas movie because the season is incidental to the plot. Sensitivity to the violence is about the only thing I can think of that would interfere with enjoyment of the film, and I would argue that you'd have to be very sensitive. The Husband is quite sensitive to it, which is an endearing quality though I think it can be taken too far.

This is just great fun, and I never say "no" to another viewing.


Slant Magazine says,
while the film's showstoppers still dazzle, Die Hard isn't a great film simply because it delivers bang for your buck; it's great because its action is built atop a foundation of wit and emotion.
Roger Ebert does not like it and concludes,
Without the deputy chief and all that he represents, "Die Hard" would have been a more than passable thriller. With him, it's a mess, and that's a shame, because the film does contain superior special effects, impressive stunt work and good performances
DVD Talk says it "set a new benchmark for action films when it exploded into theaters". It has a score of 94% at Rotten Tomatoes.


  1. I am by no means of action movies, because I find action movies to be redundant and wasteful as a rule. But Die Hard is different! It is a shining beacon of what a action movie can be if its soul is pure.

    My wife had never seen Die Hard when I first met her, and her enthusiasm for sitting through it was so low that it took years--like five years!--before she finally would watch it with me. And she was hooked by the time he was making fists with his toes.

    Finally, Die Hard is a perfect Christmas movie, and anyone who says differently hasn't had to it through "White Christmas" lately.

    I just love that "Christmas in Hollis" is in Die Hard

    1. ah, but my husband _loves_ "der bingle" and all those sweet old christmas movies. :) i guess i'd call my husband a traditionalist. i actually like "white christmas" myself, but i think i'm just tired of the old movies i've seen every year for decades.

  2. Yippee Kay A at least that's how I would spell it ,good fun.

    1. lol, yes, i like the way you spell ;)

  3. I always choke up when Willis meets the police friend-on-the-radio in the end, that´s Christmas spirit right there. Be friends and help a stranger! And Alan Rickman can do no wrong.