Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our Christmas Tree

We have used an artificial tree for over 20 years. This artificial tree. We think it's holding up well. The Husband went out to buy replacement lights and discovered once he got home that the cords were white instead of the green we usually have. Instead of going back to exchange them, we're pretending it's snow. Most of our ornaments are from when I was a child or from when The Kids were growing up. We have so many that we've stopped putting them all on the tree. We didn't get all the decorations out this year either, but ever since The Grandmother's fall and continuing need we've done much less decorating. I'm just not much in the mood to put it all back in boxes in January. What we did get out looks festive. We usually decorate the tree in time for Advent and take it down before Epiphany, so it stays up a long time.


  1. When I was a kid my parents used to put the tree up on Christmas eve night after my bothers and sisters went to bed. It was amazing on Christmas morning coming down stairs from bed to see the tree all a glow with gifts piled under it. The amount of work was really incredible, I have eight brothers and sisters and the gifts and tree were kept in my aunts garage about 6 blocks away.

    1. i've seen movies where the tree was decorated on christmas eve after the kids went to bed. it made the tree one of the christmas presents. cool!

      when i was little we decorated the tree as soon as school let out for the holidays and took it down on new year's eve.

    2. Every tradition is special if it is yours.

    3. i agree. we've always enjoyed reading about other people's traditions, too. sometimes we like them so much we adopt them in our own family.