Wednesday, December 05, 2012

McAlister's Patio

We'd intended to go to the Holiday deli up on Erin Drive and eat on the cute little patio we had noticed the last time we ate at Huey's. Alas, even though this was back in mid-October, and it seemed like perfect patio weather, Holiday's had removed all their tables and chairs from the patio area and no outside options were available. Well, humph! We went over to McAlister's instead. We've eaten their food a lot but never on their patio. The patio was popular, but we got a table with a nice enough autumn leaves view.

I've tried several of their offerings through the years (here's their menu), but I always return to my favorite: the Memphian. I forgot to take my picture until I'd already dug into my sandwich, but it still looks good, doesn't it?

The food is consistently good, the service is quick and polite, it's always clean. Maybe we'll try the Holiday deli if they ever re-open their patio. But then, I'll probably not notice.

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