Friday, December 21, 2012

Hand-made Christmas Gifts

When I was growing up we had lots of extended family and gave gifts to them all. The Grandmother (my mother -she prefers the grandmother role, so that's her title here) used to bake cookies, fudge and divinity for gifts. Also, each year there would be a project. She and daddy would make enough of the project to give each family one. I remember many of them: a decorative cover for the tv guide which came in the newspaper every week, pine cones attached to ribbons that hung from a big bow, a hanging burlap cover for a yardstick that had 3 felt feet glued on the front, a wooden candle holder with a little pine cone on the base spray painted for the season, and bunches more. I was never allowed to help, but I remember the hub-bub with the materials all spread out in various stages of completion.

One year she made braided fabric wreaths. One of them is pictured above where it hangs on my wall.

I don't know where she got her ideas, but there are patterns similar to my wreath online.


  1. Some times craft projects can look cheesy but this has a certain country elegance.

    1. mother was very good with her hands and was a professional seamstress later in life. she made all my clothes when i was little and could crochet the most delicate work. daddy was also good with craftsmanship and could make and fix anything he had the tools for. i still have several of the gifts they made, while most of the store-bought gifts have dropped by the wayside.

      maybe it was just a different day and time, when "hand-made" meant well made. i know i can't do it. my gifts are always bought.

  2. My kind of decorating. I like handmade.