Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tulips at the Dixon

We realized we had waited too long to see the tulips in their full glory, but I had wanted to go anyway and The Daughter went with me this morning. The tulips were a bit sad, but some were still left. The Dixon planted 20,000 tulips for a special exhibition this year:
In addition to 35 varieties of hybrid tulips and 16 species tulips, which grow naturally in the wild, we have planted hundreds of camassia and allium bulbs. All 14 divisions, or types, of tulips will be represented

It was a pleasant day to walk through the garden, though cooler than it has been and cloudy. The Memphis Garden Club was having their big show, so there were lots of people there today.

The pictures I've seen have been beautiful. There are some at the Dixon's Facebook page. The Memphis Flyer has an article but no pictures. The Commercial Appeal has one photo and an article by the Dixon's director of horticulture.

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