Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cripple Creek Bar-Room Scene

Cripple Creek Bar-Room Scene is an 1899 Edison short film. IMDB provides this description:
Shows the tap room of the "Miners' Arms," a stout lady at the bar, and three men playing cards. Old toper with a silk hat asleep by the stove. Rough miner enters, barmaid serves him with Red Eye Whiskey and he proceeds to clean out the place. Barmaid takes a hand with a siphon of vichy, and bounces the intruder, with the help of the card players, who line up before the bar and take numerous drinks on the house. Written by Edison Catalog

Wild West Web describes it as "the first "western"". Weird Wild Realm describes the set and says, "It's considered a historical moment for the nascent cinema, however, in establishing the western saloon setting for oh so many future westerns".

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