Thursday, November 20, 2008

When Worlds Collide

I read the 1933 novel When Worlds Collide and its 1934 sequel After Worlds Collide by Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer when I came across them in high school. I discovered the movie that was based on the first book soon after. The film When Worlds Collide is a 1951 science fiction film that, as I recall, is fairly faithful to the book -it's been years since I last read the books. George Pal is the director.

LiveVideo has this online, but I can't get their embed code to work.

Moria says,
It has all the same high points and all the faults of all Pal’s productions – an emphasis on effects and wondrous spectacle but with a rather mawkish and wooden human element, as well as the same political naivete and religious underpinnings of any Pal production. But also, sitting among the horde of B-budget sf films of the 1950s, it is an undeniable classic.

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