Friday, November 14, 2008

From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love (1963) is another of the Sean Connery Bond films, and it's a fun movie. The women in this particular Bond movie, though, were nothing more than caricatures, and there was little mystery and few surprises. And there were no exploding cars. A helicopter that explodes more than once, but, alas, no exploding cars.

I have to say I thought our celebration of the James Bond Blogathon would last longer than the 3 days they set aside for it, but I'm ready to move on. That said, The Elder Son and The Younger Son are headed to the theater now to see the brand new Quantum of Solace. I plan on waiting for it to come out on DVD. The film we saw tonight is the 2nd in the series and features the 1st Bond. Quantum of Solace is the 22nd and has the 6th Bond. The series began in 1962, and they are already planning the next one to be released in 2011 -a 49 year span. That's a long-lived franchise. I am looking forward to seeing the latest installment, but right now I'm over-dosed on Bond, James Bond.

The BBC review is positive.


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