Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dr. No

I was inspired to watch this by the James Bond blogathon -Liscensed To Blog: The James Blog-A-Thon. They are hosting it to mark the release of Daniel Craig's 2nd Bond film.

Dr. No is the first of the James Bond movie series. This film is based on the 6th book in Ian Fleming's series of novels. It stars Sean Connery -the best of the Bonds, in my opinion, though I was surprised to discover I liked Daniel Craig just fine in the role. It was such fun to see this again. I guess the last time I saw it I would have watched it on TV when I was in high school.

This movie contains 1 exploding car.

The BBC review says,
It is a fine start to a series which has provided the moviegoing public with some cinematic gems.

The New York Times begins their review saying,
IF you haven't yet made the acquaintance of Ian Fleming's suave detective, James Bond, in the author's fertile series of mystery thrillers akin to the yarns of Mickey Spillane, here's your chance to correct that misfortune in one quick and painless stroke. It's by seeing this first motion picture made from a Fleming novel, "Dr. No."


Ferdy on Films has an article.

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