Saturday, November 22, 2008

Invaders from Mars

Invaders from Mars is a 1953 science fiction film directed by William Cameron Menzies and starring Leif Erickson (Big John Cannon in The High Chaparral, a TV series I loved).

When the kids were little I was always the one getting everybody up to see some astronomical happening. In this movie the mom is a spoilsport, sending son and husband back to bed. Twin beds at that. I found the ending truly fascinating.

Watch it below:

1000 Misspent Hours says, "For all its undeniable cheesiness, Invaders from Mars is one of the finest sci-fi movies of the 1950’s." FilmFanatic says it's a must-see "for its historical importance as a seminal alien invasion flick." TCM has an overview. Moria says it's
a classic of 1950s alien invader cinema. It belongs to a particular mini-genre of alien invader films that dealt with alien infiltration and duplication. They are films that took the more outward aspects of alien invader films into interestingly paranoid psychological space.

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