Friday, November 14, 2008

Tomorrow Never Dies

This is another one we watched due to the inspiration of the James Bond blogathon -Licensed To Blog: The James Blog-A-Thon.

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) is another Pierce Brosnan Bond movie. It is 18th in the film series and the 2nd of the Brosnan efforts. I enjoyed this one, and Brosnan remains #2 on my favorites list after Connery. I liked the women in this one -not a single wimpy, helpless, trouble-maker among them.

We get 4 exploding cars in this one. I didn't count the numbers of other vehicles that exploded.

The BBC review says it's
a strong entry, with Brosnan the comfortable, confident face of the invigorated franchise, reflecting the Connery glory days 30 years earlier.

Roger Ebert says it
gets the job done, sometimes excitingly, often with style....The look of the film is authoritative; the scenes involving warships and airplanes seem sleek and plausible. There's gorgeous photography as a junk sails in a sea filled with peaks, and astonishing action choreography in the rooftop motorcycle chase.

On the basis of this installment, the longest-running movies series seems fit for the 21st century.

EW doesn't like it much.


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