Friday, November 28, 2008

Quatermass 2

I enjoyed The Quatermass Xperiment because of the ending if nothing else, so I was pleased to see Quatermass 2. I can't even find a trailer to embed here. Odd.

It has the same team behind it that the previous film had, with Donlevy playing Quatermass as the same strong-willed controlling power-house he was in the first in this trilogy. I just love that rough exterior that covers a heart of self-serving pragmatism. I'll be looking for the 3rd one now, I guess.

1000 Misspent Hours has a review. Images Journal has a review that says this movie "is arguably the best British science fiction movie in this realistic mold" and closes with this:
a powerful, nerve-wrenching movie. For audiences enamored with the digital effects of recent years, the movie's climactic scenes might come as a disappointment, but the ideas that propel the movie are imminently plausible. This is the kind of stuff that has fueled The X-Files for the past several years. Quatermass 2 is a near classic.

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