Saturday, November 01, 2008

Land of the Dead

Land of the Dead is the 4th in the George Romero Dead series that began with Night of the Living Dead. The Younger Son selected this movie to continue the horror theme past Halloween. I only thought we were done for the year.

1000 Misspent Hours calls it "the next best thing to a big-budget Italian Road Warrior rip-off with zombies" and says, "Romero has definitely discovered the secret to a believable mix of zombies and whoop-ass".

Moria says, "Of all Romero’s Dead films, Land of the Dead is certainly the weakest of the series." Roger Ebert has a review. The BBC reviewer said, "It's not as grim as Night, as smart as Dawn or as exciting as Day, but it still delivers the walking dead goods."

The Journal of Religion and Film sees it as
a film about breaking down the barricades, fences, and walls that offer false security to the powerful.
and notes that
Zombies are always border crossers and boundary breakers. They transgress such rigid categories as life and death. And in Romero’s universe, you may learn something about the world, and ultimately about power, by looking at these marginal creatures and whose fences they are breaking down.


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