Saturday, August 12, 2006

Saying "No" to Aeroboxing

We did the 2 mile walk in 35 minutes 22 seconds this morning. My heart rate was 140. When we got home I previewed Kathy Smith's Aerobox Workout. Way too much for me at my (lack of ) fitness level. The intensity just looks like more than I can handle.

Breakfast was raisin bran, water and coffee. For lunch I had water, 1/2 of a turkey sub with swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickle. I ate Sugar Smacks for dessert.

My report came yesterday from my physical exam, and my LDL cholesterol level is 106. That's higher than I'd like to see it, so I'll be cutting out butter and sour cream and cutting down on cheese. This exercise program ought to help some, too, so motivation to continue shouldn't be a problem.

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