Thursday, August 17, 2006

More Kathy Smith

Reating Heart Rate: 57

Weight: 95

This morning I did Kathy Smith's Kickboxing program. I picked it up because I had read reviews saying it was a good aerobics program for beginners. It challenged me, and there were times that she said to go "up to tempo" when I did half-time instead. I made it to the end of the workout with modifications, and it'll be good to see my progress as I get stronger. It was fun. I'll probably use this one once a week or so.

Tonight I did the Leslie Sansone 3-mile walk again. My dh says I should use the heart rate monitor to check myself during the exercises, so I'll start that tomorrow.

Breakfast: swiss mocha (I got a late staart today). Lunch: pita bread with dipping oil, blueberries, squash & zucchini, water and Sugar Smacks. Supper: Scrambled eggs, toast with orange marmalade, mushrooms, orange wedges, water, coffee and Moose Tracks ice cream for dessert.

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