Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Aerobic step

Resting Heart Rate: 57

Weight: 96

I've been researching "the step" with an eye on buying one. The only ones I can find in local stores are the shorter kind that are about 24" long. I've seen Reebok steps, Sports Authority steps, The Step Body Fusion Kit and The Step Home Trainer. I haven't seen the longer 40" step in any stores where I've looked, but it is available online.

I did the Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds Walk Strong DVD this morning. She calls it the equivalent of a 2-mile walk but says it's better because she incorporates arm movements with weights at intervals. I didn't like this one as much because I felt like the interval weight work interrupted my morning "walk". I think I'd rather do the aerobic exercise as a unit and do strength training separately. If I could only find a beginner-level strength training dvd that didn't require major equipment purchases. I don't know anything about the concept of interval training, though, so there are probably benefits to it that I just don't know about.

In the mid-afternoon I did Leslie Sansone's 1-mile walk. It was an easy 15-minutes, and I just did it in my regular clothes. It made for a nice break.

Tonight I did the Kathy Smith Moving Through Menopause program again, but this time I skipped the strength training segment and only did the aerobics and yoga sections. I really do think I'd rather have aerobics without weights that I could do every day and then some separate strength training DVDs that I could use on MWF.

I forgot all about breakfast, but lunch was pita bread with dipping oil, blueberries, water and Sugar Smacks for dessert. Supper was at the church where I ate spaghetti, french bread, salad, coffee, angel food cake and vanilla ice cream.

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