Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Still Life

A silver bowl, a lemon, a knife, a bottle and a glass on a salver on a draped marble ledge:

by Louise De Hem, who died on November 22, 1922, at the age of 55. How did she make that lemon look like a real lemon? It looks more "real" than some photos I've taken. The skill and eye of artists are awe-inspiring as I look at paintings I come across.

Please join me in a cuppa

while I admire the art in this painting and in the posts of folks participating in the weekly T Stands for Tuesday blogger gathering.

Some of you were kind enough to suggest sources for free books online, and I'd like to share one of my favorites: the University of Adelaide online books library. I also find good things at Online Literature, at the Internet Archive and at Project Gutenberg.


  1. Not only how did she get the lemon to look real, but how was she able to paint the metal and the glass to look real? 😮 Happy T Day

  2. Wow, I actually thought this was a photo not a painting until you explained! How amazing is that, it looks so stunning 😀. Thanks for sharing your sources for online books! Sending you very Happy T Tuesday wishes your way! Hugs, Jo x

  3. I agree with CJ this painting is truely amazing-looks like real life-thank you for the free books links will check those out-Happy T Kathy

  4. It's a fantastic painting, the details are really amazing. For Kindle readers there is a wealth of books to be got for nothing - all of the classics. Bible, Chaucer, Dickens, poetry, dictionaries - and all can be downloaded for nothing. Valerie

  5. Wow, I thought that´s a "real photo" - amazing.
    A former flat-mate used to make his coffee like that.
    Too many books around here already! Kindle full, too... Happy T-Day :-)

  6. Yes, I agree. This is an incredible painting. I liked the realism. There is a lady participating in AEDM who paints so realistically, her art looks like photos, too:


    Her art makes me giddy.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome painting by a new-to-me artist and your French press coffee and really unique mug with us for T this Tuesday.

  7. Wow she died young. So glad her talent lives on. Beautiful and realistic still life painting. Thank you too for the fab links you are sharing. I really appreciate your comment on my blog and am adding to follow your blog too. x June

  8. What an awesome painting. Yes, it looks very real. And also the silver. How does she do it?
    Love your photo of your mug and the caffetiere. It's good to see not everyone uses capsules.
    Happy T-Day,

  9. that is such a rich looking and exquisite painting-wow! Your coffee looks so good and full of flavor. Thanks for sharing your online library sources. But I still need a book in my hands to read;) Happy T day!

  10. Wow, that is an amazing painting, how she got the reflections and the whole thing looked so real.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  11. The silver chalice and plate look real too, just like the lemon. I like your coffee cup maker. I added some of your book links to my blog. (I had some of those, but not all. I also got a few more free Kindle books on Amazon today. :-) Happy T-Day!

  12. M always in awe of artists as they make everything look so real, just like a photo.
    I Love that you can find so many things online, free, no question now goes unanswered, , amazing
    Happy T day, Jan x

  13. You re sure right about the lemon. Some people sure have painting talent. And how is it watching the impeachment hearings? I just catch the update at night. Hope it was a great T day. Hugs-Erika

    1. The impeachment hearings are wearing me out lol and they start again at 8 tomorrow morning! I'll never understand why they're highlighting Nunes, Jordan, and Stefanik. And their Counsel is no great shakes imo. I've been reading Twitter and doing a running commentary on Facebook lol

  14. Looks like a photograph! Wow!
    Happy Tuesday. :)

  15. Thanks for that online reference. Yes that still life photo has such detail - I thought it was a photo.

  16. I admire paope who can paint so realistically too, D. I had a friend who could. He did an oil painting of a violin that looked so real, he invited people to try and pick it up. He stopped offering when he noticed that the paint was getting worn.

    Belated Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  17. Nice art. :) Thanks for the links to books. Happy belated T Day.

  18. What a fabulous painting …

    All the best Jan