Monday, November 07, 2016


I'm talking here about physical balance, although I'll grant you mental balance is also important. Falls are a common precursor to loss of independence in the elderly. One key to avoiding falls is to improve balance. There are a lot of ways that can be achieved. I have a strong preference for videos that demonstrate exercises, but often I can do the exercises without using the video each time.

The Ask Doctor Jo Youtube channel has some simple exercises and explains how to progress through them as your balance improves:

She also has a short video on ankle strengthening exercises and stretches. Ankle strength is important to maintaining balance.

This physical therapist suggests specific exercises:

This 8-minute Tai Chi routine is for improving balance:

This 20-minute video of standing yoga poses cultivates balance:

Yoga Journal offers this 14-minute practice on maintaining balance:

Melissa West has this helpful class with adjustments given for ability level:

More yoga for balance (28 minutes):

I subscribe to the Fitness Blender Youtube channel, even though most of their routines are either inappropriate for me or too difficult. I've found gold there. This is their Beginner Balance workout:

I do some kind of balance activity every day.


  1. Increase the difficulty of any balance exercise by closing your eyes. They say a child can stand on one foot,arms crossed, eyes closed indefinitely as you become older 8seconds feels like an eternity.

    1. Yes, some of these progress through closing your eyes and moving your head. It's helpful. We need to increase our movement and not sit so much. We lose a lot that way, I think, as we age.

  2. Some of these look like they would do me good and I'd be able to handle. Thanks! :)

    1. I love how the balance activities start out easy and advance so gradually. Improvement is easy to see :)