Saturday, August 25, 2012

Who Goes There?

Who Goes There? is a 1938 science fiction novella written by John W. Campbell, Jr. under a pen name. It is available to be read online. This story is the inspiration for The Thing From Another World (1951), The Thing (1982) and The Thing (2011).

SF Signal has a review that says,
It successfully relays the closed-in feeling of the Antarctic camp, the dwindling hope as the situation progresses from unknown to hopeless, and the futility of trying to escape.
SFF World says, "over seventy years on, it is still creepy." Horrorphilia says, "I would recommend this novella to sci fi movie and book fans so they can appreciate how influential this story is for themselves."

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  1. John W Campbell was responsible almost single handedly for the growth and mainstreaming of sci-fi. Reading short story collections it seems like almost every writer of the 40's and 50's was signed and developed by John Campbell.

    1. it seems the more time passes the less appreciation there is for the early ones in the field. i was amazed at how many people thought mccarthy's "the road" was a brand new idea.