Thursday, August 30, 2012

Memphis Heat

Memphis Heat is a documentary on Memphis wrestling. No, really. And it's a lot of fun.

My one quibble with it is that there's only passing attention paid to my favorite of the Saturday morning Memphis wrestling crew: Tojo Yamamoto. Say that name with feeling. I used to. He was so much fun to watch and root for. He killed himself back in 1992, so he wasn't around to do interviews like some of the others who are featured in the film. So sad. I don't know why he appealed to me so much. It's not like I was a wrestling fan otherwise.

Given that one great [to me] failing, the film is fun to watch. Listening to these guys tell their stories and watching old video of their time in the ring made for some sharing of fond memories with The Husband, who actually got to see the wrasslin' in person!


There are some reviews quoted here.

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