Sunday, August 26, 2012

Crape Myrtles

There were a lot of Crape Myrtles on my street when I was growing up. When I asked my mother why there were so many houses with these trees planted, she told me they were the official city shrub and folks had been encouraged to plant them. When I asked why we didn't have any in our yard, she said she thought there were enough on our street already.

They are planted all over the city, though I haven't noticed as many in areas east of the I-240 Loop. There are pictures of some in the Cooper-Young area here, a picture of a crape myrtle canopy at Overton Park here, a photo taken at Elmwood Cemetery....


  1. I luv Crape Myrtles. Ur pic is pretty pretty pretty---

    1. thx! :) i think the flowers are so fluffy-looking, and the bark is interesting. i love them, too.