Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summertime Lemonade

Everyone seems to hate Memphis summers. I actually enjoy the hot muggy summers. It's icy cold winters I don't like.

Yesterday afternoon I sat out on our patio, reading a book and drinking lemonade. Having a drink on a patio is #226 on the I Love Memphis blog list of 365 things to do in Memphis. Maybe soon I'll have a drink on somebody else's patio.


  1. Yummy lemonade. I make me a yummy raspberry lemonade at the Coffeehouse.

    Fall my favorite season. However, I do enjoy the beautiful summer flowers. Mine died. Did not water them enough--

    But I am enjoying my neighbor's beautiful garden. They have more time to work on them. And some of them are GORGEOUS.

    Different topic: Five Guys burger and fries. I have been told to try this out. I will soon.

    I went back to the Mexican restaurant and had fajitas and a chicken tamale. And had plenty to take home. Yummy--

    1. i've heard 5 guys is good. there were a couple of posts about their burgers on some of the local food blogs, i think. i've never been there.