Sunday, June 07, 2009

Top 10 Longest Novels in the English Language

Listverse names the longest novels in English:
1) Mission Earth; L. Ron Hubbard: 1.2 million words
2) Sironia, Texas; Madison Cooper: 1,100,000 words
3) Clarissa; Samuel Richardson: 969,000 words
4) Poor Fellow My Country; Xavier Herbert: 850,000 words
5) Miss MacIntosh, My Darling; Marguerite Young: 700,000 words
6) A Suitable Boy; Vikram Seth: 593,674
7) Atlas Shrugged; Ayn Rand: 565,223 words
8) Remembrance Rock; Carl Sandburg: 532,030 words
9) Gai-Jin; James Clavell: 487,700 words
10) Infinite Jest; David Foster Wallace: 484,001 words

Ones I've read are in bold print. I notice these are all single-volume works. Novels published in multiple volumes aren't included.

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