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Immortal is a 2004 French-produced English-language science fiction film. It is directed by Enki Bilal. I found the story of a God seeking a human woman to bear his child interesting.

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Moria says it
is quite an amazing film. What quite stuns about Enki Bilal’s vision is the design element. Indeed Immortal (ad vitam) is as everything as amazing as Blade Runner (1982) was when it came out two decades earlier. (You could also draw an analogy to France’s The Fifth Element (1997), which attempted the same densely textured futuristic look).
but adds
The minus side might be that Immortal (ad vitam) is a triumph of style over content.

DVDTalk has a negative review. SciFi.com doesn't much like it either and points out the issue I had the most trouble with:
Some will be further alienated by Horus using Nikopol's body to mate with Jill in a coupling that all three characters regard as, and frankly call, rape ... as well as the fact that Jill isn't particularly traumatized by this. Her subsequent infatuation with Nikopol is supposed to be the film's great love story, but under the circumstances it emerges as downright icky.

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