Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday the Rabbi Stayed Home

Sunday the Rabbi Stayed Home is the 3rd book in Harry Kemelman's 12 book Rabbi Small mystery series. Besides this one, I've read the first book -Friday the Rabbi Slept Late- and the 10th -One Fine Day the Rabbi Bought a Cross. All three of these appear to be out of print. I found them at my local used book store, and I'll continue to read the series as I find more of the books. I find the look at Conservative Judaism fascinating. I also find his view of Christianity interesting in how he defines it in contrast to Judaism.

from the back of the book:
On Sunday, Rabbi David Small uncovers a Passover plot than undeniably raises more than Four Questions - threatening to ruin not only his holiday seder but his role as leader of Bernard's Crossing's Jewish community. But there's no time to appeal to higher sources when one of his temple board members, a businessman, is rumored to be pushing drugs and all the facts point to a group of teenagers as accessories - to murder.

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