Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Nada (or The Nada Gang) is a 1974 Claude Chabrol film based on a novel by Jean-Patrick Manchette.

Youtube's many-segmented offering will autoplay from here. Part 1 of 10:

Flickhead has a post for the blogathon they're hosting. The New York Times calls it "muddled yet sometimes rewarding". Images Journal discusses several Chabrol films, describing Nada this way: "Nada is finally about self-hatred working out of a political scenario." Time says, "The Nada Gang, in short, had the potential for being Chabrol's great summing up. It is instead a botch."

6/28/2009: Only the Cinema has a post for the blogathon. They open with this: "Claude Chabrol's Nada is a wry, blackly comic epilogue to the May 1968 period of leftist student uprisings in France."

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