Saturday, January 17, 2009

No Blade of Grass

No Blade of Grass (no wikipedia entry) is a 1970 post-apocalyptic film based on John Christopher's novel The Death of Grass. It is directed by Cornel Wilde and stars Nigel Davenport.

On youtube in 20 (yikes!) parts, here's part 1 at just 5 minutes: [removed]
Each of the 20 segments is about 5 minutes long, except the last one, which is just 2 minutes. Sheesh. Not that I'm not glad it's there, mind you. I'm just surprised to find it divided into segments that short.

8/20/2009 update: all of those videos have been removed, but the first 3:30 of the film can be viewed here:

from the beginning of the film, this voiceover:
By the beginning of the 70's man had brought the destruction of his environment close to the point of no return. Of course there was a great deal of rhetoric about saving the Earth, but, in reality, very little was done.

I keep forgetting how sexist the language was in the 1970's.

I don't see much about this movie online, and I don't remember it being released. It's a depressing piece.


  1. sounds like YOU need to make the wikipedia page for this film. :-)

  2. Oooo, now _that's_ a scary thought! lol

  3. The Death of Grass is a post-apocalyptic tale examining the social fall out should all species of the grass family succumb to the mother of all viruses and abruptly fail. Christopher’s writing style is brisk and to the point, and never lets up. In the build up to apocalypse each step up follows inevitably from what came before, and could hardly be more relevant to the present day.

  4. Rebeca, when I saw your comment (thanks :) ) I also noticed that this film has been removed from youtube. Sad, since the DVD seems to be out of print. The first 3 1/2 minutes are there, so I substituted that video above.