Thursday, January 22, 2009

Teenagers from Outer Space

Teenagers from Outer Space is a 1959 science fiction movie about an invading force of alien teenagers set on using Earth as a lobster farm. It's every bit as bad as it sounds. Alien Teenagers Screw the Earth! Honestly, their spaceship screws into the Earth. See for yourself. Watch it from googlevideo:

or at the Internet Archive

1000 Misspent Hours gave this little gem negative 4 stars, which, I think, is the worst rating I've seen them give. from their review:
Teenagers from Outer Space went so comprehensively wrong that it is all but guaranteed to inspire dedicated fans of the very worst in 50’s sci-fi to a nearly religious sort of awe.

I don't think I've heard a movie defended because it means well, but DVDTalk closes its review with this:
Teenagers from Outer Space works because its heart is in the right place.... The primitive theatrics are actually quite touching -- the show finds its own humble level of dramatic integrity.

Classic Sci-Fi Movies likes it:
Why is this movie fun? For a cast of amateurs, and a neophyte director with little budget, they did pretty well. The story keeps moving. While it's not highly original, it is at least uncluttered.


  1. Personally, I thought ALL teenagers were from outer space....

  2. LOL! _Inner_ space, maybe.