Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Atomic Submarine

The Atomic Submarine is a 1959 science fiction movie. Sid Melton is in this one. It starts with one of those lovely voice-overs telling us the story-so-far, and the voice narration shows back up every so often. It doesn't take them long to jump into the boring romance sub-plot. This time there's a military officer who says, "It won't take me long to defrost -not around you," to a platinum blond. She ends up saying, "Let's not waste one precious moment," and then a knock at the door interrupts their passionate embrace. Duty calls. There's lot of political speechifying once the men are on their mission. I want the unidentified swimming object to come up and swallow the sub whole. Given that that is not going to happen I just wish the action would move along with a bit more speed.

Watch it from googlevideo:

Moria calls it "surprisingly good". StompTokyo says it "is a sturdy, workmanlike film. It entertains, in its own fashion."

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