Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crack in the World

Crack in the World is a 1965 science fiction movie starring an international cast and crew, including Dana Andrews (Curse of the Demon, A Walk in the Sun, Best Years of Our Lives and Laura -one of my favorite movies) and Janette Scott (Day of the Triffids).

If only plate tectonics hadn't spoiled the plot for present-day audiences. It's fun anyway, though -tense, dramatic, without the last-minute everything's-back-to-normal moment most science fiction films seem to end with, because I can't help but think a second moon won't be good for the tides and the earth's rotation. The love story is tender and not sappy, but the woman does get to cry and scream for help. I liked the music in this one. I thought it added to the film.

The New York Times review says,
Up until the last scene—a curious Hans Christian Andersen touch—"Crack in the World" is an inexpensive model of its kind: trim, engrossing, beautifully written and chillier by the minute.

The DVDTalk reviewer says
Crack in the World turned out to be as good as I remembered, an intelligent eco-disaster film with a strong anti-nuke message and a decent soap opera-y subplot.
and then explains how the movie is really all about sex.

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