Monday, January 26, 2009

Flight to Mars

Flight to Mars is a 1951 science fiction film starring Cameron Mitchell, a long-time favorite from my youth. This one is slow, with the primary emphasis on interpersonal conflicts. The Martians look just like us. The leaders are all middle-aged (and older) white guys, while the women serve as pages and busy themselves discussing food preparation with the token woman on the Earth expedition. And some people look back with longing on the 1950's. Go figure.

I'm finding it painfully boring and am tempted to skip my way through this one.

Moria says that "The first third or so of Flight to Mars is a routine sense of wonder travelogue" and that "Once it arrives on Mars the film slows down to drama of the most routine banality". DVDTalk says, "Of all the early space movies, none is so disappointing as Flight to Mars."

3/23/2009: WTF-Film does not recommend it:
With a little more time and effort, FLIGHT could have been a minor classic instead of the tiresome bore that it is.

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